Rienzome Tenugui bicycle ( black)

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Hand mad in Japan, a traditionnal dyed towel.


Rienzome Tenugui

Rienzome Tenugui uses the chusen method of hand-dying.

The chusen method is our traditional dying technique.

The Japanese traditional, multi-purpose towel, Tenugui,

has been a handy item essential for daily life in Japan from olden times.

With its superabsorbent and easy-to-dry properties,

Tenugui is the perfect way to wipe the water off your hands and face.

Also, Tenugui is very versatile: you can use it to wrap

your gifts or to decorate your rooms like a tapestry.

Why not use Tenugui to enhance your everyday life!


As such, the colors of Tenugui may transfer to other

garments due to sweat or friction at the time of initial usage.

Wash Tenugui separately by hand with abundant

water before washing together with other garments.

Do not soak Tenugui for a long time when washing it.

100% cotton.

 Made in Japan.

Size 37cm x 98cm

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