Stainless steel fenders 650B for touring bikes.

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Made in France by Gilles Berthoud this fenders are strong and excellent mud and rain covering of the tires. A classic model for beautiful bicycles.


The front part is longer ( 28mm) to allow an esthetic mounting of a front rack.

Sold with complete mounting set inside :

-  Complete set for fixing alu stays on frame and fork, all screws and nuts stainless steel, and plastic stay clamp. Attention, the eleyets must be threaded M5.

- pair of aluminium fender stays.

- Complete set for fixing alu stays the eleyets on fenders.

Weight : 570g


For tires in :
650x28, 650x32, 650x35, et 650x37 max.

Exterior size : 40mm

013 300